3 Days and 2 Nights
Starting every day

This special tour is a mixture of city and landscape, Chaparral mountain forest and desert scrub, mythology and modern world, bird watching, and shamanism.

Garden of the Inca Pumapungo

Day 1 Cuenca City tour – Garden of the Inca Pumapungo – Healing women
Early morning flight from Quito to Cuenca and transfer to the hotel. Afterwards we visit the old town with it famous flower market and the many different colonial buildings and cathedrals. Lunch in a cozy restaurant. Afterwards we visit the new garden of the Incas Pumapungo of the Museum Banco Central and the healer Alejo explains the medicine and useful plants of the Incas and the mythological stories of the different birds. Then visit to one of the famous healing women where many of the Cuencanos go for the cleaning of the “mal aire”, bad air, and she shows us the “limpia”, clean, with plants and eggs.
Return to the hotel and dinner.

Day 2 Susudel – Shuracpamba
After breakfast we follow the Panamericana Highway south to Susudel. On the way we stop for two little hikes in the Chaparral mountain forest and the páramo high altitude vegetation and learn of the different flora and observe the divers bird population, the largest hummingbird of Ecuador.
Arriving in Susudel, we visit the oldest church in southern Ecuador and on a small road we drive to Pullicanga and visit one of the indigenous families. Afterwards, we drive on a gravel road downhill in the canyon halfway to the Hacienda of the 18th century of Shuracpamba. Late afternoon free (possibility of birding), then dinner with a small buffet. Afterwards, a short “ceremonia de pipa” on the fire and possibility to get a cleansing from the Shaman (1 hour).

Day 3 Condors – Cuenca
After breakfast hike along the canyon. Alejo explains the dry vegetation, the pre-Spanish history, and visit of the ruins of the hacienda from the 16th century. On the way we hope to observe the giant condor, often soaring in this steep canyon. For lunch, buffet with typical food, such as guinea pig, chicken, different corn meals and vegetables of the region.
Return journey to Cuenca and flight back to Quito in the early evening.

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